Are the documents state specific:

Yes. Every single one of our documents are state specific and are updated regularly. This is important because each state has specific tax and health particulars that are accounted for in our documents. Many other sites offer "state specific" documents, but at Easy Legal Planning our forms have been created for your specific state law. So these are the same documents that estate planning attorneys in your state use, and they'll be the same documents that others in your state (especially health care professionals) will be used to seeing and understanding.


Do I need an attorney to prepare my trust:

An attorney is NOT required to prepare and sign your Trust, but it is very important to have documents that have been drafted by a great estate planning attorneys. At Easy Legal Planning, you are getting state specific documents that have been drafted by the nations top estate planning attorneys. We do NOT use "cookie-cutter" documents or "pre-printed" forms like many other companies.