the easy legal planning story.

The concept for Easy Legal Planning began in 2002 while founder Jim Burch worked as the marketing director of a successful estate planning law firm. He began to notice a couple of things about estate planning: First, the services the firm provided were excellent, but many clients couldn't afford the expensive price tag and walked out the door without completing their estate plan. Second, the clients were meeting with knowledgeable (and expensive) attorneys, but the estate planning documents were generated using a software program. He made a mental note... there had to be a better way to provide these quality documents at a lower price. 

A few years later, a national financial planning company consulted with Jim to see if there was a way to provide estate planning services to their clients in all 50 states. Attorneys can only practice law in the states where they are licensed, so the law firm could not provide nationwide estate planning. Seeing a great opportunity, Jim had an idea - instead of having clients speak with an attorney, Jim could purchase the same software attorneys use and provide the same documents to clients across the country at a fraction of the price. 

In 2005, he created his first company, Talk Legal Docs. Talk Legal Docs was a web-based company that allowed clients to complete their estate planning through a simple questionnaire. Using the same software that many attorneys used nationwide, Talk Legal Docs provided quality Estate Planning documents at a fraction of the price. In the years since, Talk Legal Docs has provided high quality estate planning documents to thousands of clients. 

Talk Legal Docs quickly became a popular resource for clients, financial planners and insurance agents. Jim realized he needed to adapt and expand to accommodate the company's continual growth, without sacrificing the high quality product clients deserved. Jim also wanted to create an enhanced experience for his clients. Estate planning can often sound complicated and confusing, and although he can't offer legal advice, Jim has an amazing way of explaining the documents in plain language so people can understand the options available to them. He wanted to create a way to share these explanations in a fun, informative way. 

Enter Easy Legal Planning... 

Jim assembled an executive team to expand the business by using new technology. In 2013, Talk Legal Docs rebranded to Easy Legal Planning and launched a new website with informative videos and a new software interface. Reinventing the typical estate planning process, Easy Legal Planning is committed to provide high quality estate planning documents at an affordable price and to help clients through the entire estate planning process...the creation of documents is just the beginning. The Easy Legal Planning team is excited to offer a fresh and exciting (okay, maybe it's not that exciting) approach to Estate Planning.