Lorraine, CA

I am a single woman with two marriages in my past. I have two grown adult children, two grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. I have worked for the U.S. Government for 35 years and look forward to retiring in the next few years.

I have always wanted a Living Trust. During my first marriage, we put it off, as we just couldn’t let go of the money while we were raising our two children. In my second marriage, we talked about it, but never pursued it. Now that I have been single for several years and am heading for retirement, I want to make sure my two children and their families won’t have to go into probate if something happens to me. I want it to be a smooth transition for them.

Once I decided to get a trust, a good friend referred me to Easy Legal Planning. I scheduled a phone appointment to discuss my needs and to address my questions and concerns. I was really hyped during the appointment and was excited that I had the money to actually purchase an estate plan for myself.

I received a beautiful black binder, well sectioned, with wonderful yellow tabs that allowed me to get all the proper signatures. I have worked hard to fund my trust and it has taken me about three months to get my financial institutions, my life insurance and the deed to my house under my Living Trust. I still have some writing to do, but I really don’t want to think about my obituary - but it will get done!

My overall experience exceeded my expectations. The employees were very receptive in answering my calls or emails and responded quickly. They were very helpful. Even though the virtual way of working doesn’t provide a face-to-face experience, I liked seeing their pictures attached to the emails.

I am grateful that after all these years I can say I have my trust and estate planning complete!