Joe & Susan I., Florida

My wife and I grew up in a rural area north of Seattle. We met in high school and got married two years after high school graduation.  I joined the Army and spent 25 years flying military helicopters in Germany, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Panama, Honduras, Philippines and Turkey.  I retired from the military and have been flying private jets for NetJets, the world’s largest fractional airline, for the past 15 years.  Currently I am a Check Airman and Instructor. My wife, Susan, is very active with professional quality sewing, embroidery and quilting.  We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  We have one married son and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first grandchild.

We have always been prepared for unexpected events by having a plan in place (a will, power of attorney, instructions for funeral arrangements, etc.)  When we lost a parent we realized the necessity of having a Living Trust and how difficult, time consuming and expensive is was to handle all the legal and personal arrangements of a parent’s estate. 

Our financial advisor recommended Easy Legal Planning and reiterated the importance of a Living Trust and all the associated estate planning documentation.  We contacted Easy Legal Planning and the process was seamless and very efficient. 

After we completed our estate plan and the deed to transfer our property into our trust, we took the documents to a local attorney and had him review it to ensure it was complete and compliant with Florida laws and requirements.  The attorney reported that it was one of the most comprehensive and complete living trust and estate planning documents he’s seen and that it was 100% compliant with Florida laws.

Since then we have helped get a living trust set up for both of our mothers and other members of our extended family.  We have set aside funds to provide a living trust for our son’s family after our first grandchild arrives.

We have our prepaid funeral arrangements, financial accounts and personal information all combined in our estate planning binder so that all the information is located in one place and is easy to access by family members in the event it is needed.  We are a big advocate for financial and personal planning and encourage everyone we know to take the time and spend the money to have a living trust prepared.  The cost is well worth it, and the price and product from Easy Legal Planning is an excellent choice.