Joann, Utah

After procrastinating, I finally decided "ITS TIME" to get a plan in order before my demise. Also, it became a reality when I received an unexpected gift for my 82nd birthday. The news that I had a malignant tumor in my lung and that removing the upper lobe of my lung was my best chance for enjoying my life a few more years. (Which I am doing)!

Well, of course, my first thought was to call JIM BURCH, a man of integrity and knowledge in estate planing, and get the ball rolling. Jim and his Easy Legal Planning team, had the job done faster than a speeding bullet.

Getting your life in order takes a great burden off your mind. I recommend the sooner the better. I am loving the joys that fill my days and the PEACE OF MIND that having this part of my life in order can bring.

JIM IS THE MAN TO RELIEVE YOUR MIND OF THIS BURDEN IN YOUR LIFE. Why procrastinate another day? You will be amazed at the freedom you will feel! Then reward yourself with a slice of your favorite pie.