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This package is for clients who need to update or make changes to an existing estate plan that was prepared by someone other than Easy Legal Planning.


For existing Easy Legal Planning (or Talk Legal Docs) clients only.  Easy Legal Planning must have prepared the current documents to be eligible.


Price is per deed and does not include recording fees that are due to the county the property is located in.

Amendments vs. Restated Amendments

There really aren't any written rules that indicate when an Amendment should be used instead of a full Restated Amendment.  Generally, if the changes that you want to make are minimal - adding or deleting a guardian for minor children, changing who will serve as the successor trustee, updating someone’s legal name due to marriage or divorce - then a simple Amendment is great. 

On the other hand, if the changes that you want to make are significant - adding a new spouse as a beneficiary, completely cutting out a beneficiary, changing distributions to beneficiaries, or if your documents are old and outdated - then a Restated Amendment should be considered.

What if you've made a series of three or four simple Amendments over the past 10-15 years and you want to make another change? Then you may want to consider consolidating all of your changes into a Restated Amendment - this will prove to be helpful to your Successor Trustee who will have a single document to follow instead of piecing together the provisions of four or five separate documents.

The Legalities of Trust Amendments

If you're considering making a change to your Revocable Living Trust, don't simply mark up your trust agreement and stick it back in the drawer. Why? Because a Trust Amendment must be signed with the same formalities as the original trust agreement, so your hand written changes will, depending on applicable state law, either void the trust agreement or be ignored. Instead, give us a call so we can prepare the Amendment for you so that it will be legally valid and binding on all of your beneficiaries.

Will the Name of Your Trust Change if You Amend or Restate It?

The answer is No - the nice thing about doing a Trust Amendment or an Amendment and Restatement is that the original name and date of your Revocable Living Trust will remain the same. That way, all of the hard work you put into funding your Revocable Living Trust under the original trust name and date won't need to be undone.