Jim Burch

is the owner and CEO of the company. Don't let his big hair fool you...with over 17 years of experience he knows his stuff. Jim has an incredible way of explaining things in a way people can understand. He loves speaking to large audiences, and makes death and taxes sound like a party. He earned his Marketing Degree from the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University.

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Karen Lonsdale

is our Client Relations Guru. She manages the details and takes care of making it all happen around here. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Parks and Recreation. Since she can't take everyone up to a ropes course on a regular basis, she instead resorts to having everyone participate in trust falls, morning yoga, afternoon walks and green smoothie guzzling. She basically keeps everything running smoothly.

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Amy Ernstrom

is our Customer Relations Specialist. Her ninja-like organization skills keep everyone on task and our daily schedules running smoothly. While attending Utah State University and studying nutrition she wisely realized she loved candy more than salads...but runs marathons and half-marathons to keep it all balanced out. After living in two different funeral homes with her mortician husband, she has first hand experience of how important estate planning is to families and is happy to be a part of a company she believes in.

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Jed Wood

is our interaction designer and web hacker. He's convinced that Javascript will soon overtake English as the international language of business. Prior to Easy Legal Planning, he created and managed three commercial web applications which have since been acquired. He started and ended his television career as a guest on the Sally Show in 2000, after which he moved to Chicago and earned the fancy title Master of Human-Centered Design from the Institute of Design.

Heather Burch

is our web and graphic designer. After earning her degree in English from Brigham Young University, she developed a love for marketing as the promotion director at CBS. When she isn't making family home videos on her iPhone you might catch her growing tomatoes or watching The Great British Baking Show. As an avid thrifter, she has a large collection of vintage milkglass...and although some may call it "hoarding" she affectionately refers to it as "collecting". 

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